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Sink or Swim
What's Left of Us (lyric video)
Loose Ends (acoustic)


Our brand new (and first!) EP is out now! Check out our music below and send an email to order your own physical copy! 

As soon as the COVID-19 restrictions get lifted, we look forward to start playing live again!



WOOLF - Lotte de Graaf.jpg
".. the audience who is holding their breath and listening closely, and the quality of the music in which especially the beautiful harmonies stand out.. "

- Livestreammagazine.nl

Three voices, three personalities, three stories. Three flavours that blend together as a golden combination that is simply tasty. Woolf is a clear sounding harmony that gives way to the individual rough edges of singer-songwriters Marieke Smit, Mylène Berghs, and Ellen Tackenkamp; three musicians who met at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, and who are inseparable ever since then. They've played in several formations and toured the world with their own projects as well as those of others and learned the tricks of the trade.
Woolf immediately drew attention in the Dutch scene and were invited to play live on Holland's leading pop radiostation 3fm. Touring with Celine Cairo as her support act, LiveStreamMagazine said that “this band is ready for the bigger stages.”
Woolf's music echoes legendary formations such as Crosby, Stills, & Nash with the backbone of the Supremes, a touch of Andrews' Sisters with a modern finish that resonates like The Staves. The three songwriters are inspired by everything that is or isn't music, and they don't sweat the small stuff.
On May 8 we have  released our brand new and versatile  EP WOOLF, which was produced by Paul Willemsen at Electric Monkey studios in Amsterdam. The record features Dutch star musicians, such as drummer Mark Schilders, bassist Hugo Den Oudsten, guitarist Luuk Janssen, and multi talent Maarten Hogenhuis who also had a hand in several of the EP's songs.


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Foto: Lotte de Graaf